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Deploying Microk8s on WSL2

I am running Windows 11, and have enabled WSL2 with Ubuntu via the standard GUI methods (install Ubuntu from the Microsoft Store). However, all credit goes t...

GL.Inet APN Change

I use a GL-X750 for internet access while I travel, and recently wanted to try out verizon to see if they have better coverage, and I wanted to do it without...

NoBo Murphy Bed Modification

In the 2020 No boundaries 19.6 model (and in other models), NoBo does a vertical murphy bed at the end of the trailer. This has the very unfortunate downside...

Chromium Video Autoplay

I use Dakboard for my personal status display at home, and at work. Its a great tool, lots of capability. I run it from a RPI with Chromium running in kiosk ...

GL.Inet TTL Change

I use a GL-X750 for internet access while I travel, and while I have an unlimited dataplan is seems some carriers in the us play funny buggers and “de priort...

Update on-Prem DNS for Hidden Master

I use CloudNS for most of my DNS hosting; however I do also have a local DNS server as part of my AD infastructure. THere is a few cases where I want this zo...

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How to Remove Old Profile Pictures

I recently changed my profile photo on Win10.. and wanted to remove all my previous ones. Seems the UI doesnt allow for that. You can find the location of th...

Windows Server Symbolic Link

Need to mount a network drive/share “within” a windows filesystem? Run this command from an elevated command prompt.

VLAN Interface on Windows Server

Every needed to add a seondary interface on a Windows server? This will allow you to do it. Make sure you have hyper-v installed - and then add the interface...

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Setting up Jekyll and Github Pages

As I mentioned before, it has been a long time to-do item for me to get a blog/website up and running. I finally pulled the trigger and this is a result. Thi...

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Trimming old Commits from Github

Im sure there is a much more efficient way of doing this, but I had to remove about 2000 commits from my repo.. this is how I achieved it.

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SUDO With No Password

I use SSH Keys for everything… and generally dont know my password for a linux machine once built. Hence I need to set sudoers correctly.. This is how I do t...

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