Hello World!

Success Notice: HELLO WORLD!!

So its been a long time since I have done this.. I wanted a site where I can keep records of all the random things I get up-to, and also provide me a how-to for future reference and reproduction.

For reference, this site is hosted on GitHub, and uses Jekyll. I am also using Minimal Mistakes for my theme.

One of the first guides ill publish is what I did here to make that happen. Some other things on the short list include:

  • Programing MD-380 for HAM use
  • Getting FCC frequencies in the IG Pool
  • Plex… and Plex automation
  • Tape backups
  • USG VPN programing

And other things as I get to them… in the mean time:

Warning Notice: Things I put on this site might break you or not be allowed where you live.